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Q1. How much do you charge for a notary?

All charges are subjective depending on the exact assignment. Please call or text me for detailed fees.

Q2. Do you go to the hospital?

Yes, I have traveled to Kaweah Delta (now Kaweah Health) many times over the past 20 years.

Q3. I don't have a driver's license or ID, how can I get my signature notarized?

In CA, if you have none of the acceptable ID's, you can have 2 credible witnesses, who do have acceptable ID's, identify you. Call or text for details.

Q4. Can I use my "temporary" driver's license?

No. It must be your actual current picture ID.

Q5. Do you do Apostille's?

Yes. Call for details.

Q6. Can you come to my home or business?

Yes, I am strictly a mobile notary public. I will meet you anywhere it is convenient for you.

Q7. I have a document that is in another language, can you notarize my signature on it?

Yes, but the notary certificate has to be in English.

Q8.Can you notarize a birth certificate?

No, this is a vital record and only the agency that issued the birth certificate can certify a copy of it.